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Vernon Bookstore Supports Okanagan’s Most Vulnerable – Vernon Morning Star

A charity bookstore in Vernon removed a page from the donation manual by sending much-needed support to a local outreach society.

Clary Lausnes, founder of the All Are Family Outreach Society (AAFOS), received a check for $1,000 from the Alpine Center Bookwarehouse on Wednesday, April 6.

“We were absolutely thrilled. We’ve been struggling for so long and so hard to try to keep our heads above water,” said Lausnes, whose outreach company supports struggling Armstrong families in Kelowna.

It has been difficult for AAFOS lately. Lausnes says donations to the society have been cut in half over the past year and calls for help have tripled over the past four months.

“It’s skyrocketed to the point where we’re not sure we can continue to operate because the load is so high and we’re just a very small charity. With the donations not coming in, it kind of leaves us floundering,” she said.

The Bookwarehouse’s donation comes at a good time, as the company is looking to purchase a freeze dryer worth around $5,000. The freeze dryer would help balance their food giving throughout the year; usually they get more produce than they can handle during the summer and none during the winter.

“They also supported many other charities,” she added.

AAFOS is currently holding a silent auction fundraiser on its website to raise funds for its general operations.

The nearby company is still fundraising for a new building to house its operations and is currently 14% away from its $5,000 goal.

AAFOS also recently received a $6,000 meat donation from Dueck Falkland Farms, which will go to those in need of food security.

Brendan Shykora