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Tulsa Bookstore Offers Free Copies of ‘Maus’ After Tennessee School District Ban – FOX23 News

TULSA, Okla. – “Tennessee was wrong”

Magic City Books in downtown Tulsa isn’t hiding its feelings after “Maus,” a book depicting events from the Holocaust, was banned in a Tennessee school district. Parents in the district raised concerns about “its portrayal of violence and suicide.”

The Tulsa bookstore, near Archer and Detroit, has partnered with the B’nai Emuna Synagogue in Tulsa to give away free copies of the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel written by Art Spiegelman.

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Magic City wrote on Instagram:

“It’s the least we can do. It’s a very short distance between the banning of books and the burning. Our “Free Maus” campaign is a way to say no to closed minds, politically motivated decision-making and self-destructive acts of philistinism. Tell everyone you know to grab a copy, especially eighth graders in your orbit. They need Maus and we need to help them.

Free copies are one per person. You must go to the store to pick up a copy.

Two Oklahoma bills were introduced in January, with mention of “Maus,” to ensure the Holocaust is taught in Oklahoma schools. State Representative John Waldron worked with the Jewish Federation of Tulsa on the language of HB 3720 and HB 3721.