Book store

The bookstore and craft shop are the home of the art

A second-hand bookstore and craft shop in Elyria has more than meets the eye.

Roxy’s Emporium, 604 Middle Ave., is a unique combination of a bookstore and gift shop.

The retail facility consists of spaces rented to local vendors and artists to give them a platform to showcase their talents.

Store owner Deborah “Roxy” Born said she loves helping local crafts.

“I call the shop an ongoing craft fair,” Born said. “People can find gift items, home decor items, and more.”

Roxy’s Emporium opened in 2017 with the aim of providing a home for local talent.

Roxy’s Emporium opened in 2017 with the aim of providing a home for local talent.

“I wanted to do something to showcase the people of the community,” Born said. “I want to serve the community and have a place where people can sell their items.”

Sellers pay a low-cost monthly fee and can exhibit their creations, with the sole exception of higher-priced artwork, books, and items which are paid on a commission basis.

“I’m so impressed with their talent and ability,” Born said. “There are people who maybe don’t have the opportunity to get exposure, and being able to market to their own community is important.”

A local vendor who makes art strictly from vinyl rents space inside Roxy’s Emporium.

During the novel coronavirus pandemic, the store has remained open and accessible to the public.

“I was determined that outside of government-regulated closures, I was going to manage,” Born said. “I had quite a bit of business because we were one of the few people that stayed open.”

She said she was looking forward to hosting more events.

“We would do book signings and craft classes in the store, but our space is small so we had to shut down during COVID,” Born said. “As soon as things open up a bit, I’d like to start again.”

Deb “Roxy” Born shows local authors.

Garford Arts and Literary Festival

Roxy’s Emporium is involved in other local events such as the upcoming Garford Arts and Literary Fest.

“When they started the Garford Arts Fest, I was approached to include pieces from my artists in the Fest,” Born said. “This year we have combined our idea of ​​a writers’ festival with the traditional arts festival.”

This event begins at 1 p.m., October 23, at the new Elyria Central Public Library, 211 Second St. in downtown Elyria.

Elyria Central Public Library will host the “Writers Block” segment of this celebration, according to a press release.

Born said guests will have the opportunity to meet and host around 25 local writers.

“The Arts Fest is fantastic,” she said. “I’m excited to help bring this new component and generate more appreciation for literary talent.”

The Elyria Community Partnership, Elyria Public Library and Roxy’s Emporium, among others, present the Garford Arts and Literary Fest.

The City of Elyria and Elyria Arts Council are sponsors of the event.

For more information on the writers block and a schedule of all speakers, go to