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Sunday Book Market at Mahila Haat Daryaganj Visually vibrant and aesthetic book bazaar for bibliophiles

Sunday book market in Mahila Haat, Daryaganj: Nothing compares to the satisfaction that reading brings to bibliophiles around the world. Books new and old seem to greatly invigorate the mind. Most of you will remember the famous Daryaganj Sunday Book Market, which was a very unique shopping and chaotic environment. This famous market no longer exists; in 2019 it moved to Mahila Haat in Daryaganj.Also Read – Amid rising Covid cases, center issues guidelines ask 7 states to follow a five-pronged strategy

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Even though it is located in Mahila Haat, Daryaganj Sunday Book Market retains its incredible beauty (Photo credit: Bookish.And.Sane/Instagram)

Daryaganj was a useful establishment, mainly for augmenting personal libraries, with its innumerable outlets offering books for 500 a kilogram. This Delhi book market is a treasured keepsake, offering everything from hard-to-find classics to 17th-century food and theater critical journals. The Blitz attracted a lot of attention among the dusty piles of books, which also contained valuable treasures like a missing movie magazine.

Sunday book market at Mahila Haat in Daryaganj

The Daryaganj Sunday Book Market has long been a favorite destination for book lovers (Photo credit: Aashna_Goel__/Instagram)

Did you know that the Daryaganj market, sometimes called Kitab Bazaar, opened in 1964? The majority of these publications cost between 20 and 500 Indian rupees. The cost of these books is either considerably less than the MRP or half the actual cost. Only Sundays are designated as market days. The market usually opens at 9 a.m. on Sundays, although the timing varies seasonally.

Any other things you can find at the Daryaganj Sunday Book Market in Mahila Haat?

  • In addition to second-hand books, Daryaganj housed a variety of other publications, including children’s books, biographies, memoirs, self-help books, books for competitions, and old author books. obscure.
  • The Daryaganj Book Market was the best place to find anything and everything for the next DIY project. You name it, they had it: brushes, watercolors and oil paints, among the two stationeries.
  • The Daryaganj Book Market is a veritable goldmine of antiques that have survived their owners. Old paintings and calendars that once decorated some of Delhi’s antiquated mansions can still be found.
  • After a tiring morning of browsing, bargaining and buying books, the food court areas of Daryaganj Book Market are a visual delight.

Keep the following tips in mind before visiting the popular Daryaganj Sunday Book Market in Mahila Haat:

  • In order to get the chaos and avoid the Delhi heat, visit around 9am.
  • Prepare to spend many hours browsing this section of the book market, as there are hundreds of books, magazines, and journals available for purchase.
  • If possible, wear walking shoes to ensure that your feet won’t suffer too much from all the walking.
  • Do your best to negotiate, although many of these booksellers won’t budge and some will.
  • For this book lover’s paradise in Daryaganj, put on your shopping awareness and pack a large bag.
  • Even though vendors have moved to a digital form of transaction, it is advisable to carry cash.

Daryaganj presented this show as a priceless keepsake in the age of social media where the smell of old books is gradually fading.