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Mrz Hulk 4 Life: A New Black-Owned Comic Shop That Will Improve Your Fandom

Khaleelah Brown, raised in Mount Vernon, NY, used to collect comic books as a child, but not knowing their value, they were thrown away by her mother. Now, as an adult with many different talents and creative endeavors, she decided to get back into comics because someone very close to her convinced her, so she did. I started selling them from home which became overwhelming and I decided to open a comic book store.

“I started looking for a place and God blessed me with the location I have now and it was just to give back to the community I grew up in,” Khaleelah shared with Black Westchester. “I wanted the comic store to be a place in the community that was for the community. I wanted everyone to have a place to come and hang out, listen to music, be creative, read comics, and a safe place to hang out.

The atmosphere in the bookstore is just that. They have live jazz on Thursday nights from 6-8pm and will have many more activities in the future.

“I have free video games and we will be hosting game tournaments very soon,” she added.

So why the name Mrz. Hulk 4 Life?

“I’ve been fascinated by The Incredible Hulk live action series since I was a little girl, I never want to be SHE-Hulk always saw him as my knight in green armor. I loved how he always warned people saying “you don’t want to make me mad, you won’t love me when I’m mad” i felt that growing up and i swore to be his wife from that So I thought naming the store Mrz. Hulk 4 Life was the best thing.

Mrz, Hulk 4 Life has a huge collection of comics from Archie to X-Men and everything in between. They buy comics and all types of cards. They also offer consignment. I could go on but I promise you this is one of those establishments that you have to experience for yourself.

The store is located in downtown Mount Vernon. Stop and tell them Black Westchester sent you. Khaleelah wants everyone to know that if someone mentions they’ve seen the item, they’ll receive 50% off their purchase total for the entire month of September 2022.

Khaleelah received a citation for Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow, recognition from Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, and a plaque of appreciation from the Mount Vernon Public Library at their annual Comic Expo which s is held on Sunday, August 7, 2022. Not bad for a Black -Comic Shop opening July 2022.

Mrz. Hulk 4 Life comics and cards
5 W. Prospect Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York 10550
Tel: (914) 363-9347 – Email: [email protected]
For more information, see their websiteor follow them on Facebook, instagram and Youtube