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Manchester comic book store’s plea for help strikes a chord with customers | Business

MANCHESTER — A local comic book store overwhelmed by the pandemic and supplier issues is asking for help to avoid going under.

A Hero’s Legacy Comics and Collectibles, located at 188 W. Middle Turnpike, has been in business since 2012, but is now trying to avoid a deathblow.

“We have been hit hard by COVID, the economic downturn and the change in our hobby when it comes to suppliers. We tried our best to stay afloat, but unfortunately we ran out,” owner April Policki recently wrote in a Facebook post.

The situation became particularly dire, Policki wrote, after the store had to prepay for the comics with money she wasn’t willing to spend until February and won’t get back until. some time.

“Ultimately we need to find at least $6,000 in about 2 weeks or we won’t survive beyond the end of January,” Policki wrote.

Employee Scott Prentice, who most recently manned the counter at the store, said the past two years had been difficult and the store had not fully recovered from the pandemic-related closures in early 2020.

“There were quite a few people who just didn’t carry on. They stayed away and they didn’t come back,” Prentice said.

Policki doesn’t let the store go down without a fight. She started a GoFundMe fundraiser which as of this morning raised $6,700 from 107 donations.

“The outpouring of support we have received is simply astounding. Thank you so much for all your love, support and monetary and material donations. We will continue to fight. We still need your help but with you guys…. we can do it,” said a post on the store’s Facebook page.

Policki had appealed for donated items the store can sell to raise funds as well.

Frequent shopper Matthew Jenkins answered the call last week and donated a few items during his weekly stop at the store.

“It’s a very important place,” Jenkins said of A Hero’s Legacy. “They say the walls are made of awesome materials, I mean look at this place.”

Jenkins typically stops by the store at least once a week, and has done so since becoming a customer in 2015.

“That store was the first one I took my kids to. My daughter was maybe 5 at the time and she was talking about comic books, and I said they had whole stores of them,” said said Jenkins.

She wanted to see one, of course, so he searched for stores on his phone and they ended up at A Hero’s Legacy.

“When we travel, we visit stores, but it’s always our weekly store, we always come back here,” Jenkins said.

He said the store is a welcoming place where hanging out is encouraged.

Prentice said if you don’t want to buy anything, at least stop and have a chat. A padded chair sits near the door for this reason.

While you’re at it, you might find that other customers are top sellers. “We sometimes sell comics, one customer recommends it to another, and I haven’t had to do anything,” Prentice said.