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Local comic store hit by Kelly Square fire having a ‘fire sale’

SHERMAN, TX (KXII) – Kelly Square was home to many businesses, one of which was Wolverine Comic which opened just eight months before the fire.

Now they are trying to get back into the community.

Wolverine Comics was one of the businesses destroyed in the Kelly Square fire on Halloween.

And come on Thursday, you may find yourself buying comics from them for the first time in over two months.

“If there’s just a little smell of barbecue then it’s for sale, we’re selling everything for half the price,” said Beth Ward, co-owner of Wolverine Comics.

Wolverine Comics opened in Kelly Square in March and eight months later they are looking for a new location after a fire broke out in the building on October 31.

“Our thought as we stood on the courthouse lawn with everyone at Sherman and looked at him, I thought that was it,” Ward said.

It took several days after the fire before I could enter the building to see the damage.

“It took me a little while to get over the pain of losing the store, like we lost the store,” Ward said.

Luckily for the Wards, around 80% of all comics have been saved.

“Even though they smell bad when you take it out of the bag, the book, the book is fine,” Ward said.

Now they say they are ready to start selling to their community again.

“We want to stay in touch with them, we want them to know that we’re still here and coming back, Wolverine Comics is coming back,” Ward said.

Ward said that aside from a little barbecue smell, the comics they sell for half the price are still in pristine condition.

They say their 8 months in downtown Sherman was nothing less than community love…

“Being away from a store in Kelly Square made us feel like this was our hometown,” Ward said.

Wolverine Comics will be sold at the Sandi Store and all the comics will be sold at half price, and in cash only as there is no electricity in Kelly Square.

They hope that once Kelly Square reopens, they will get a seat inside.

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