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Images Retail – December 2021

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Life has been too unpredictable for the past two years, it is even more so. But we are still hopeful, doing business and carrying on with our positive spirit. But, I am happy to say that we are finally closing 2021 with a lot of good stuff and it replaces the sad and difficult days that we have all been through all this time. 2022 presents a very interesting landscape for the retail industry and gives us hope for good times to come. One of the biggest noticeable changes we have all witnessed is the change in consumer behavior, and it is a work in progress. However, the more the consumer demands authenticity, practicality and value, the more we will see retail functions become agile and very responsive. One thing is very promising to see this and we have understood it through the countless discussions at the PRC that retail is no longer about demarcations and divided approaches online, offline and omnichannel. It’s all about connected approaches!

PRC 2021 was one of the very first major offline events in retail for 2021, which saw a strong presence from brands, retailers, key e-commerce and D2C players, big names in the industry. real estate, technology solution providers and anyone connected to the retail ecosystem. over 2 days. We captured the essence of Day 1 of the event in our last issue, and as a continuation, in this issue we bring you more powerful ideas and many engaging sessions from Day 2. The cover article explains how phygital retail is not a term of the future anymore, it is now and constant.

Retail has gotten stronger and smoother and we carry the power and renewed spirit of retail and want to present many in-depth industry stories and trend reports next year as always. This issue brings together information and coverage from Day 2 of the PRC and presents a larger picture of how food consumption is changing across the country and is driving a big shift in retail. Apart from that, we also have some interesting interviews on retail innovation, inspiring stories and tech thoughts. Happy New Year 2022, in advance! Let’s inaugurate the new 365 with renewed energy to make the company more human.