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Schitt’s Creek fans can now enjoy the reality TV experience, not at his famous Rosebud motel, but on the high seas.

Flip Phone event organizers will embark on their first sail from March 30, 2023 to April 3, 2023, to celebrate the original sitcom at the newly revamped Celebrity Summit.

As part of its four-night trip from Miami, which will stop in Key West and Nassau, Bahamas, the cruise will focus specifically on the character of Moira Rose. It’s officially called “Moira’s Party Boat: Ew, Cruising!”

The themed cruise will include several activities around the iconic show (Image via Moira's Party Boat)
The themed cruise will include several activities around the iconic show (Image via Moira’s Party Boat)

On the cruise’s official website, the organizers revealed:

“We have been overwhelmed by all the amazing people we have met since we started. [became] fans of this iconic show. Now is the time to meet and celebrate with others. You’ll leave the cruise with many new friends who share a love of the same TV show.”

Everything you need to know about the Schitt’s Creek Cruise

Onboard activities include quizzes, costume contests, karaoke, panels, pub crawls, dance parties and musical events based on the five-year-old CBC show.

There will also be events such as a wig party with fruit wine, a little dew party at the pool, Jocelyn’s bingo and a performance by Jazzagals before the cruise ends with a movie night themed around the Moira movie, “The coronation.”

Rates start at $999 per person (based on two people sharing a cabin) and include a classic drink package, Wi-Fi surfing, and prepaid gratuities. With a suite reservation, guests receive a liquor package, Wi-Fi, and prepaid gratuities, as well as $100 onboard credit. Additional charges apply for snorkeling and beach tours.

Visit “Moira’s Party Boat, Ew Cruising!” website for more information and to reserve a place on the cruise.

Following its Canadian premiere in 2015, the critically acclaimed comedy, Schitt’s Creeklater aired on Pop TV in the United States in 2016. The story revolves around a once wealthy family who lose everything and have to move to a small town they bought as a joke.

Hey @danjlevy, i don’t know if you’ll see this, but i just want to thank you for giving us schitts creek. a place to get away from it all for 22 minutes at a time. i love you and the show and i feel very grateful today

Dan Levy, the show’s co-creator, decided to end the show’s original run in 2020. Besides being his real-life and on-screen father, Eugene was also the co-creator of the show. Annie Murphy portrayed her sister, and Catherine O’Hara characterized their mother.

When Schitt’s Creek became available on Netflix in 2017, its popularity skyrocketed, and it received its first Emmy nominations in 2019, including one for Outstanding Comedy Series.

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