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Horse Cave Adult Book Store closes after illegal activity, two deaths reported

HORSE CAVE, Ky. (WBKO) — After three years of investigations, the Horse Cave Adult Bookstore has officially closed and new information regarding the case has come to light.

The Horse Cave Adult Bookstore, or “adult arcade”, collected fees from people to access the video booths and movie theaters at the back of the store. These areas were designed for illegal sexual activity, according to court documents.

Documents also confirm that in 2019, two people died less than a month apart in the back room of the bookstore where the sexual activities took place.

A few months after these deaths, undercover investigators entered the bookstore and paid an entrance fee to enter these areas, where they saw illegal sexual activity taking place, according to reports.

Court documents say that whenever law enforcement tried to enter the premises, the owners would warn customers who were in those areas to leave the area.

The owners have been identified as David and Phillip Crumpton. Both have criminal records.

David was charged in 2007 with promoting prostitution in Hart County, but those charges were dismissed.

Phillip has a criminal record dating back to 2005 relating to theft and civil lawsuits regarding divorce and child support.

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