Book market

Have you been to the Sunday book market in Daryaganj?

Kewal roupay bees, roupay bees, roupay bees”

“Yeh deko kya gir gaya, daam gir gaya”

These are some of the lines I heard one beautiful Sunday morning that made me buy over 20 pounds of books. I only stopped because I realized that it was becoming impossible for me to lug them around. This happened at the very famous Sunday Book Market in Mahila Haat, Daryaganj, Delhi.

Have you been to the Sunday book market in Daryaganj?

Most of you will remember Daryaganj’s iconic Sunday book market, where it was a whole other world of commerce and chaos. Now, this iconic market no longer exists; he moved to Mahila Haat, Daryaganj in 2019. For some of us, this move meant a lot. It no longer meant that chaotic mile-long bazaar of books, which was a very unique shopping experience in itself.

I was pleasantly surprised to see familiar faces in a new place when I visited the Mahila Haat site. The outdoor market was very different from the old market I had known for so many years. But when I heard the same thing
“dus roupay, dus roupay, dus roupay” I knew exactly what they were talking about.

Have you been to the Sunday book market in Daryaganj?

If you are new to the city and don’t know what I am talking about, the Sunday Book Market is one of the biggest book markets in Delhi where you will find all kinds of books – college, school, novels, magazines, law books, contest books, comics, and if you’re lucky, copies of some very old and rare books. It all depends on your level of patience and power of observation. Be prepared to crouch down and rummage through large piles of used books (some brand new too).

The price range for most of these books here is INR 20 to INR 500. The prices of these books are either half the actual price or much less than the MRP. However, there is a tip for buyers: always check what you are buying. Some of these books have changed hands in the past, so some of them are in poor condition. In some cases, the cover may look okay, but it’s always wise to check the pages as well. Even if you find some in poor condition, don’t worry, as the market has a number of stalls selling similar books.

You will find what you are looking for. You just need to have patience and a rolling bag if possible. I even saw someone on a stool once. Did they bring it? We’ll never know.

The market is only open on Sundays. Times change seasonally, but most Sundays the market is open and ready by 9am. The trick here is to arrive early before the market gets crowded. At 11 a.m. the market is usually very busy and it can be difficult to find the book you want.

  1. Where is the Sunday book market in Delhi?
    The new location of Daryaganj Sunday Book Market is Mahila Haat, Kamla Devi Bhawan, 5, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110002.
  2. Why is the Daryaganj Sunday Book Market so popular?
    All kinds of books are available at the Daryaganj Sunday Book Market. School books, university books, competition books, law books, comics, magazines and novels, all kinds of books are available in this market. Besides books, you will also find stationery here. Everything comes for a very low price.
  3. When is the Sunday book market in Delhi?
    The market only opens on Sundays, from 8 am. At noon, it might be a bit difficult to buy books in this market because of the heat.