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Foot traffic data makes America’s favorite bookstore crystal clear

While Barnes & Noble has had its fair share of struggles in the digital age, book lovers keep coming back to the famed bookseller. The pandemic has been a difficult time for many retailers, but foot traffic data shows that Barnes & Noble has made a fairly smooth recovery from the closures in 2020. Average foot traffic has fallen slightly in recent years: pre -pandemic, Barnes & Noble has seen around 100,000 monthly visitors, and now they expect around 80,000 each month. Even still, they see 60,000 more visitors each month than their competitors Books-A-Million and Half Price Books. One of the most important factors when considering the popularity of bookstores could be the number of locations.

Books-A-Million, which gets around 20,000 visitors a month, has 260 locations in 32 states (via zippia). Half Price Books, “America’s largest family bookstore,” has just 120 locations per website, and ranks third in the total number of pedestrians. According Barnes & Nobles, their business has over 600 locations in all 50 states, making it the easiest to get to and visit for most shoppers. Barnes & Noble also offers a wide selection of additional products such as games, gifts and children’s toys, increasing their popularity with shoppers.

No matter which retailer you prefer, there will always be a need for books. Once you’ve treated yourself to a shopping spree at your favorite bookstore, here are five ways to make sure you always have time to read.