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Findlay Bookstore raises funds for the library system

The Book Cellar received a donation of old books and is selling 250 titles this week.

FINDLAY, Ohio – A second-hand bookstore run by a local nonprofit considers it a good day when it sells for $ 100 worth of books.

But with a large donation, Findlay’s Book Cellar is expected to bring in thousands of dollars to its local library.

Usually, the Cave à Livres, operated by the Friends of Findlay-Hancock County Public Library, sells used books in this small space. All profits are then returned to the library system.

Then, in the summer of 2019, an estate in Dayton donated over 1,000 books to the Book Cellar, many of which are vintage collectibles.

“We had 80 large boxes delivered to us in a U-Haul truck on a Sunday afternoon,” said Emilee Whetstone, director of Book Cellar. “I arrived the following Monday and had a virtual mountain of books.”

After the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the initial sale of antique books last year, more than 250 titles are on sale this week.

The first editions, limited collection, or the volumes signed by the author may have sold for much more than the usual lot of second-hand books.

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And in the early hours of Monday morning sales, the store had already raised $ 1,200 for the library.

“Because we sell things for a dollar, 50 cents, or a quarter, you know a good day costs around $ 80,” Whetstone said. “So it’s really wonderful and we’re only halfway through the day.”

And for book collectors who check out vintage items, they’re not only adding to their own collection, but they’re also happy to see so many older books get a second life.

“I’ve known people over the years who go into a collecting phase and they grab it all,” said Bruce Sampson, who collects American history books. “And it’s good to see that this stuff didn’t just end up in a garbage pile somewhere.”

The Book Cellar is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Vintage books will be available for the remainder of this week.