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Chapter One Book Store Unveils New Logo | Local News

Chapter One Book Store in Hamilton has a community heritage, and the new owners unveiled a new logo to two dozen bibliophiles on Saturday, including nearly a dozen “bookstore kids.”

Former bookseller Russ Lawrence presented information on the existing logo. He and his wife Jean Matthews owned the bookstore from 1986 to 2009.

“When we took the bookstore, it was still on Second Street, which is now the hallway of the Roxy Theater, as it is,” Lawrence said. “In 1987 we moved the store to Main Street, where The Stone Cottage is located, and decided we needed a new logo and maybe even a new name.”

After careful consideration, the couple decided there was nothing better and kept the name. They chose to update the logo and asked their friend Jeanne Moon, a calligrapher and designer in Missoula, to come up with some drafts. They selected the logo and special open and closed signs that have been in use for 36 years.

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Lawrence said he was excited to see the new logo.

“I’m as thrilled as can be to see the new owners bring this bookstore into a new era and put their own brand and stamp on it,” he said.

New owners Mara Luther, Marisa Neyenhuis and Katrina Mendrey and some of their children gathered around the easel which displayed the old logo in front of the new logo.

“We are thrilled to show you our new logo created by our local artist Teysha Vinson,” Luther said. “She took three people’s vision of what we thought our logo should look like and was able to brilliantly integrate all of our ideas into a truly beautiful logo – the first time!”

After an enthusiastic countdown, Luther unveiled the new logo to much applause.

Then store owners, their children and families removed their outer layer to display the logo on their t-shirts.

Mendrey said new logo t-shirts and stickers are available for purchase.

“We were excited because they arrived this morning,” Mendrey said. “We wanted the logo to look good on a stamp, you know, the one you would stamp inside your book.”

The logo references the store’s history, the Blodgett Canyon walls of the Bitterroot Mountains, a bright sun, and an open book.

Neyenhuis said the goal was to have the local touches.

“We wanted a Bitterroot connection and who doesn’t need the sun in their life,” she said.

The event was held on Saturday to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day, a national holiday for independent bookstores.