Book store

Bookshop returns after five years away after rates fall by £5,000

An independent bookstore in West Kilbride is set to reopen – four years after being forced to close due to a £5,000 price hike.

Timberbooks is moving back to its old Overton home and owner Michele, who started the business in 2007, says the business has been almost completely destroyed by the trek.

She added: “We are absolutely delighted to confirm the reopening.

“Our customers already know that in April 2017 we were hit with a £5,500 annual increase in our business rates which nearly destroyed our business.

“We had to close our bookstore and tea room and switch to an event and online business model.

“We used to work with schools and libraries while also hosting occasional pop-up shops here in Overton.”

Michele praised the local community for their support which allowed her to have a second chance at a physical store in the village.

She said: “We have been working since 2020 to reposition our business again.

“Three things have ensured our survival since 2017, the support of our local community, our loyal customers at home and abroad, and the coming online of

“These things have given us the confidence to reopen our high street store and look to the future with increased optimism.”

Timberbooks will be open in Overton on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5 p.m.