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Adult bookstore in Hart County closed after 3 years of investigation

HORSE CAVE, Ky. — The Hart County Sheriff’s Office has declared the adult bookstore on Flint Ridge Road permanently closed after a three-year investigation found illegal activity.

The Sheriff’s Office and members of the Grand Hardin County Drug Task Force began conducting checks on illegal activity at the bookstore, formerly known as the Jent Factory Outlet Mall, in 2019.

According to the sheriff’s department, the adult bookstore was cited for more than 30 violations of the “licence required to operate a place of amusement.” During the three-year investigation, several citations and arrests were issued for indecent exposure, which led to undercover officers entering the store and witnessing sexual activity inside. the book store. Officials also investigated two deaths on the bookstore’s property involving people found in the “back room,” which had been advertised as an arcade.

Officials say the bookstore also sold illegal substances, known as “Poppers”, which were seized.

The sheriff’s office said undercover officers were continuing the investigation, which revealed further details about “the back room.”

In a social media post, the Sheriff’s Office said: “As a result of the investigation, it has been determined that the adult bookstore will be collecting money to allow entry to the ‘back room’. However, these ‘rooms’ provided various videos of assorted sex acts.” The post further stated that booths, couches and other paraphernalia had been provided by the company to promote sex acts on the property.

Hart County Tax Court and Executive Judge Joe Choate updated the county’s ordinance regarding sexually explicit businesses. Additionally, Hart Tax Court allowed a county attorney to file a civil suit against the adult bookstore and charged the company with operating a clean-up house.

At a hearing on August 31, 2022, the owners of the adult bookstore agreed to the permanent closure of the establishment and an indenture restriction prohibiting the sale of sexually explicit activity and merchandise.

One of the owners, David Crumpton, is named in a court document relating to the case.

The charges have not been identified at this time.