Book value

5 dividend paying stocks now trade below book value

Businesswoman holding large stack of American paper money, standing near safes getty You don’t hear too much about these stocks. They don’t list anyone’s “hot ideas”. Jim Cramer mentions other names on CNBC. You won’t find them in the Cathie Woods innovation funds. Elon Musk is highly unlikely to tweet about them anytime soon. They […]

Book store

Why Bad Idea Ditched Another Comic Book Store

| The bad idea is the new comic book editor of Dinesh Shamdasani, Hunter Gorinson, Atom Freeman, Warren Simons, and Joshua Johns. A direct-to-retail publisher, eschewing digital and commercial paperbacks in favor of single-cover comic book sales of big-name comics. That is if you get a copy. And there are rules for what retailers are […]

Book store

How Megabrain Comics is rewriting the traditional comic book store

It’s difficult for Jean David Michel, co-owner of Megabrain comics to Rhinebeck, to remember a time before he had a passion for comics. However, he still vividly remembers the first time he received his. His older sisters, in an attempt to get five-year-old Michel to clean his room faster, showed him a mysterious brown paper […]