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Citigroup at 80% Tangible Book Value Growing is a Solid Buy (NYSE: C)

As a high value investor, I can finally relate to the stories of value investing in the late 90s. Short-squeezes on message boards, daily trades, and independent valuation investing are commonplace. . While style drift is tempting, and we should always strive to expand our skill set as investors, I firmly believe that investing is […]

Book value

What is book value? | MoneyWeek

There are many ways to estimate the value of a business. A ratio particularly popular with value investors is the price-to-book ratio, which compares a company’s stock price to its book value. So what is the book value? It is simply the total value of a company’s assets after subtracting all of its liabilities. You […]

Book value

4 Promising Stocks at Book Value to Buy Now

Value analysis is the best approach to identify the right deals. While the price-to-earnings (P / E) and price-to-sell (P / S) valuation tools are more commonly used for stock selection, the price-to-book ratio (P / B ratio) is also a metric to use to identify low priced stocks with high growth prospects. The P […]

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Is the Chinese physical book market in decline?

03:03 In Shanghai, the impending closure of a popular second-hand bookstore has sparked opposition and heartbreak online as the local government aims to renovate the old quarter. For over 20 years, the bookstore – named Fudan Used Bookstore – has served avid readers near a university, with a collection that includes rare items. Its owner […]